Air ducts that are dirty move dirty air. Dirty air ducts can also result in the breeding of a multiple varieties of microbial growth such as mold and bacteria. Not having your air ducts cleaned properly can result in a shorter life of your heating and cooling equipment and may contribute to higher utility costs.

      Beyond saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on bills and replacing equipment, having your air ducts cleaned can reduce the number of health risks to you and your family. People that suffer with asthma and allergies will notice the biggest changes in the quality of their air. The EPA recommends the average household should have their air ducts cleaned every 5 to 7 years. However, households with extreme cases such as; undergoing construction, smokers or own pets that shed should consider having their ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years according to the EPA.

      Every air duct cleaning should include sanitizing AND deodorizing! If you do not have these processes done with a duct cleaning, you’re only getting half of a duct cleaning. Every duct cleaning should include digital before and after pictures of your job. If you don’t have pictures, where is your proof that your duct cleaning was done correctly? Every duct cleaning company applying sanitizing in Michigan must hold a certificate with the Michigan DEQ. If they do not have certification 5B they cannot legally apply sanitizer to your air duct system and are in violation to state codes. Lastly, every duct cleaner must hold a HVAC license to clean the duct work in Michigan to enter your duct system. If they are cleaning the blower or air handler, they will need a heating endorsement on their license. Also, if they're offering to clean your inside A/C a-coil, they must hold an A/C license. If the company and/or person is not correctly licensed they can actually void the warranty of your equipment. If you have a fire or insurance claim, your insurance company will not pay on your loss if the company or persons you hired were not licensed mechanical contractors in Michigan. Hire the real pros at duct cleaning…. Squeaky Clean Air Duct Cleaning.